About Us

Privilege, Itself means special rights, advantage or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group.
At Privilege (here), We give you the advantage of getting a sip of tea directly from the hand-picked leaves from Assam tea estate to your cup. Our tea leaves are hand-picked and packed at tea estate Assam which helps us to gives the consumer the best taste and aroma.


Rich, strong, full-bodied and the unique malty flavour are what makes our tea an international favourite.

Our tea is sourced out from one of the finest tea estates in the country which has a capacity of over 10 lacs kilograms annually providing best taste, aroma and liquor

Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world, only after water, it is one of the few beverages that can be consumed hot or cold.

Our prime source of tea is a passionate tea expert to brings and a great experience from some of the most premium northeastern tea gardens, making sure the leaf quality is at its best possible. The tea has been in the tea industry for several years making them extremely knowledgeable and innovative to deliver the best blends as per consumer requirements.
We at Privilege, ensure that our customers received the best product possible by carefully guiding the staff through every process involved.

Our Mission

Our mission to provide the highest quality tea there is. The goal is to consistently produce tea with top quality ingredients, and market those beverages in a way that proves to the rest of the world how truly high quality they are.


There are four main values followed by Privilege. Quality is the first value they follow. This includes providing quality ingredients and quality service. Stewardship is the second value. The company aims to take great care in all they do and offer, and extend that care to the customers and employees who help make the company what it is. Integrity is another important value utilized by Privilege. They vow to be honest about the ingredients they are using and keep beverages free from harmful substances. The final value is safety. Privilege provides a safe work environment, and makes products that are safe to consume

Our Vision

The vision of Privilege‚Äč is to deliver quality. They want their products to be valuable to customers. The community is a major component of the Privilege vision. Value and quality is the priority.